Black Triangle Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on August 31st 1999 – Found crop circles same week witnessed event at same location and twice more since then

At the time I was working at a job laying sod and we had been picking up pallets of sod from this place in edmonton for two weeks. On this one day my boss sends me and a couple other guys on a run to pick up some sod. When we arrived we discovered black suburban sand black helicopters flying around behind the place that sold the sod so I asked the employee what was goin on and he said that they had found crop circles in the field ,he also said we could go look if we wanted. As we walked into the field I was very nervous the scene was out of x files very weird as we approached People were taking measurements and doing tests of some kind. So you know I’m not bull shitting you just search edmonton crop circles . These “scientists ” told me that there has never been anything like this found in North America so read about it because this is just the beginning. So about a few days go buy and my friends and I are out at about 12 am and happen to be driving down the road that I had seen the crop circles and as I looked out the window I saw. Strange lights exactly over the spot wher inhad seen the crop circles. I then made my friend pull over the car imideiatly we then proceeded to stand right under this object that appeared to be massive in size shaped like a triangle with odd white lights for about 2 min and then it vanished in a link of an eye . The two friends I was with don’t talk about what happened . Everyone I know thinks I’m cray . Fast forward 8 years I’m with some other. Friends driving down the Same road same time of year all of a sudden all the hair stands up on my neck I look out the window and what do I see the same ufo in the same place omg I’m losing it . There’s no way in the same place wtf. That’s weird right. Honestly there’s more to the story but I’m nervous about the info . Seems to me like a lot of things happening at one spot and I’ve witnessed it 4 times alone someone should look into it deeper. Would love to tell all my info just a bit nervous

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