Black Triangle Sighting in Moreno Valley, California on December 4th 2014 – large silent delta winged object

I live in moreno valley ca. My home is in the foothills just north of March afb. On or around dec 4 2014 I was sitting in my family room watching tv when i noticed what i thought was an airplane flying towards my house. i live appx 2000 feet up on the hillside and i have a excellent view of the city of riverside. Iv’e lived in this area for 40 years and am used to seeing all kinds of aircraft from air refuelers flying out of March to commercial flights from Ont and Lax. Yes my view is that good on winter nights. Anyway I was looking at the planes flying this particular night and noticed one flying straight towards my house. No big deal so i glanced at it and then watched some more tv. After a couple of minutes I looked at the object again and thought by now it should have already flown over. I dismissed it and kept watching tv. Another minute goes by and i look again and it’s still coming at me and it’s flying so low, about 4000 ft. So i get up and walk out back to get abetter look.It was a big object as it approached. There were two rows of 4 or 5 white bright lights on it’s underside. As it got even closer I thought how come I don’t here any noise. I live in a canyon and believe me when a refueler is that close It shakes my house. At this point I was totally baffled. At first I reasoned it was a blimp, but it was the fastest blimp i ever saw. Too slow for a jet to stay airborn. Then about 3/4 of a mile it banked left and flew north over Box springs mtn. And when it banked I relized blimps don’t bank. The object was triangular and very large an made absolutely silent. As large as a c5 galaxy, even larger. weird!! I don,t know if this has anything to do with it but the next couple of days i noticed civilian passenger planes flying out of March. The jets were all white with a blue stripe running dowd the length of it and no other markings.

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