Have you ever wondered about this? (Speculation + Commentary)

This is speculation on story’s I’ve heard from ‘abductees’.
And then I’ve applied my commentary to it.

How come the majority of small rural areas have reports of meetings/abductions from aliens?
Could it be that the people who live there are bored, and want to make something exciting in their
lives? Then come up with these stories?

Why not large cities or high populated areas? One can speculate, so it can be as easy as possible.
One person may be as harmless as an ant and easy to control, but many people with cameras, and
who are aware of them being here is a lot to clean up after.

*(With small populations discretion is kept to a minimum.
The only force that is applied is to keep the abductee docile.
Freedom of travel and face to face encounters are permitted.
Any information leak is easily controllable.)

*(With highly populated areas stealth is needed on the highest levels
to not be detected. Many cameras need to be avoided or erased.
Walking on foot is never permitted; if human contact is made memory
might be obfuscated.)

There’s no reason for them to keep themselves secret though, right?
Unless under agreements to do so, but the reasons aren’t known.

Many have thought it might be for peace, humility, or we aren’t just ready

I disagree, we are the ones who decide that, and when.

If these beings do exist; they are lying by not stating the
truth that they exist.

Liars are evil and cannot be trusted.
Wouldn’t it be wrong to trust a liar?
And wouldn’t not being informed be untrustworthy?

We’ve made it obvious that we exist here on Earth.
Why would an alien species decide to be covert?
Wouldn’t that be an inclination of their harmful intent?

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