UFO Sighting in Alma, Georgia on January 19th 2015 – In yard with dog noticed jets at a distance appearing to make large circles counter clokwise, then noticed orange spear moving slowly then stopped and begain same path as jets

It was Martin Luther King day, that night after 10:00 pm est time I was outside in my yard with my dog when I begain to notice a number of jet aircraft making large circular paths in a counter clockwise direction coming out the southwest banking and leaving in the northeast. I watched one of the jets as it made its flight path turn untill it was out of my line of sight as I turned back to the Southwest to see the next jet there was a orange glowing spear stationary in the South south west sky slightly above a 45′ angle. It slowly begain moving in the same counter clockwise direction as the jets, it picked up a little speed and also diapered from my light of sight just as the jets in a Northeast direction, I seen no other jets in the sky after the spear had flew away. I served in the military for 10 years I am well educated in aircraft I have no idea what this was I could hear the jets as they made there larger turning radius than the orange glowing spear which was in a closer turning radius and it made no sound. I. Wounder if anyone else’s seen this object in the South East Georgia sky on that night

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