UFO Sighting in Owen Sound, Ontario on July 17th 1977 – Very bright light observed over southern Georgian Bay, Ontario

My friend and I had camped on the eastern side of the Bruce Peninsula on the western shore of Georgian Bay a few miles north of Cape Chin. In the evening at around 7 p.m. we looked to the south east and observed an extremely bright light moving over the water at a moderate altitude of perhaps a few thousand feet. The light moved at a very high speed and then immediately stopped. It changed direction and accelerated at a tremendous rate stopping abruptly again. It repeated this pattern a number of times. In one of it’s manoeuvres it appeared to be coming toward us. I admit that I was a little frightened as I had heard of alien abductions. We watched the object for perhaps ten minutes. I don’t recall exactly how we lost sight of it. There were many reported sightings of this object that evening. Most were on the south eastern side of Georgian Bay where there are thousands of summer cottages as well as a number of towns.

My friend, a lawyer, and I felt this was not an aircraft of any kind as it moved so quickly and erratically. I possess a commercial helicopter license and owned a Hughes 300 helicopter and I have a Bell JetRanger endorsement. I know how helicopters perform and there is no way a helicopter could do the manoeuvres we observed with such tremendous acceleration and abruptness in stopping.

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