Alien Encounter in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso on September 20th 2014 – 3 alien faces appeared at the window, hypnotize a pitbull and generate a very strange noise

This event happened to the cousin of a friend in the town of mantagua, Chile. He lives alone with his pitbull dog, in a house that is on a very large lot, the house is in the center of the property. According to what he himself told me, is that that day was like any other. Night came and decided to cook dinner after a began to hear a strange noise coming from outside the house while I approached the window and get to see the beings who were watching him then I saw that your dog will not wake up after it decided to pull out your phone and record in the direction of the window, then terrorized the end of the video, runs to hide under his bed where his shotgun with which you feel safer, out from under the bed wing routed door that faces the outside where you will search for bodies to shoot, according to the saw them run away.
�� After this tremendous experience we control the video right through whatsap to 3 friends in total and begged us to not show anyone because they were going to try to fool.
���� I breaking the promise they sent this video to analize it and I would love to give me your opinion, thank you very much.

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