Then, far below him, he saw a small pond.  He knew it was a one-in-a-billion chance, but Klint did not see any other options open to him.  He undid his harness so he wouldn’t drown beneath the parachutes if he survived the fall and aimed himself toward the water as if he were a guided missile.

Klint’s father Terry, sister Sarah, and Tracey ran in horror toward the pond where they expected to find his crumpled body.  Instead, a man covered in mud rose to greet them.  Klint Freemantle had fallen 4,000 feet without a parachute and suffered only a cut over his left eye.

Blind in One Eye for 53 Years, Cured by a Bump on the Head                                           
When Verne, who had been blind in his left eye for 53 years, walked into his optometrist’s office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the doctor exclaimed that he had just witnessed his first miracle.  
Ten-year-old Verne had lost his sight in 1944 when one of his buddies accidentally hit him in the left eye with a clump of dirt.  In January 1997, the 63-year-old advertising salesman was walking through a mall with some friends when he walked right into a pole.  Verne shook his head, a bit stunned by the accident, then was astonished that he could see out of his left eye.
Verne’s optometrist discovered that the blow had apparently jarred loose a cataract that had been clouding the lens of the eye.  After fifty-three years of sightlessness in his left eye, Verne was now able to read with a pair of trifocal glasses.  A regimen of exercises to improve his hand-eye coordination strengthened eye muscles that hadn’t been used since he was ten.
Verne believed that divine intervention caused him to hit the pole on that day.  He said that he had always believed in a divine being and that miracles do happen.
Struck by Lightning, She Survived to Win Lottery
Sixteen-year-old BreAnna Heisel was watching the thunderstorms flashing overhead on June 6, 2008, when she noticed some rain coming in an open kitchen window.  As she went to close the window, she was struck by lightning.
BreAnna said that she had a sensation of numbness, such as when one’s foot falls “asleep.”  She saw electricity shoot out of her fingers and flash up to the overhead lights, instantly knocking out the power for the entire house.
BreAnna’s mother Linda drove her from their home in Blanchard, Michigan, to Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview.  After a thorough checkout, doctors found the only result from the lightning strike to be darkened fingertips on her right hand and a shaking arm with damaged muscles that would require some therapy.
Since all her friends and family declared her to be a very lucky young lady, BreAnna asked her mother to buy a lottery ticket for her.  And she won!  Twenty dollars!
Mother and Children Ride Out a Tornado on a Mattress
She felt just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Chanta Adams said after a tornado lifted her and her two infant sons from their home and deposited them on some tree branches 50 feet away.
The tornado had been spun out of Hurricane Bertha and on July 13, 1996, it devastated the tiny town of Edwardsville, Virginia, near Chesapeake Bay.  Twenty-two-year-old mother Chanta Adams was lying on their queen-sized bed, sleeping between her sons Javonte, two, and Trevaughn, 15 months, when she was suddenly awakened by a loud roaring sound, as if a freight train were bearing down on them– and then the side of their mobile room blew out.
Chanta instinctively wrapped her arms around her sons as the violent twister lifted the queen-sized bed with them on it and spun it around and around until they were three stories high, spinning crazily in the center of the howling winds.
Chanta said later that the three of them were being tossed around as if they were rubber balls, and she kept praying for God to let them down, gently, please, gently.
And then her prayer was granted.  They landed among the broken branches and rain-drenched trees 50 feet from the spot where their home had once been.  Amazingly, all three of them were still on the mattress, a son on either side of his mother.
Capt. Thomas Neale of the Northumberland (Virginia) County Sheriff’s Department, declared Chanta Adams and her children among the luckiest people in the world to survive being carried aloft by a tornado.  Although they didn’t escape without a scratch–Chanta required 26 stitches in her scalp; two-year-old Javonte, a broken collar bone, a fractured skull, and a broken eye socket bone; 15-month-old Trevaughn, minor scrapes and bruises–the Adams family readily agrees that they experienced a miracle.  God was indeed looking out for them.  
After 19 Years in a Coma, He Awakes to Ask for a Pepsi
It wasn’t the fact that the first spoken words from her son in over nineteen years of complete silence were those asking for a particular choice of soft drink that startled Angilee Wallis, it was the miracle of miracles that Terry Wallis spoke at all!  It was simply ironic that after nineteen years in a coma, Terry’s first uttered words on June 12, 2003 were those requesting a Pepsi, as though no time had passed at all.  And perhaps in his mind, it hadn’t.   
Time had not stood still for Terry’s brother, mother, father, wife, and daughter.  The whole family had maintained a nearly two-decades-long vigilance of faith and hope as they continued to visit Terry in the hospital, then eventually in the nursing and rehab center, never knowing if he was to ever wake-up from this paralyzing perversion of life that had impacted all of their lives in one fateful evening. 
On July 13, 1984, Terry Wallis and a friend were involved in a severe auto accident that had catapulted their car off the road  into the river below, ultimately coming to rest under the bridge.  The crash was not discovered until the next day when the two young men’s bodies were found.  Tragically, the driver, Terry’s friend, died on impact.  Terry’s injuries were so severe that he was left a comatose quadriplegic. 
In spite of what they had been told by doctors and medical personnel, Angilee and Jerry Wallis’s undying love for their son never wavered. The trauma’s impact was magnified by the fact that Terry and his bride Sandi had just had a baby girl, Amber, born only six weeks before the tragic accident occurred.    
Eerily, almost exactly 19 years later, as Angilee devotedly sat by her son’s bedside in Stone County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Mountain View, Arkansas, she was quite literally shocked by the sound of Terry’s voice saying, “Mom.”    
From then on, Terry’s improvement was steady but sure.  His vocabulary and awareness gradually increased and he was considered inexplicably “fully emerged” from the cocoon-like coma state in which he existed for so long.         
Although at first Terry didn’t seem to understand the vast amount of missing time since the accident, he began to realize that he was in a very different world.  His baby daughter was nineteen. Ronald Reagan was no longer President of the United States. A whole new technology had come into being, including cell phones, the Internet, and satellite dishes. 
But Terry’s long-term memory seemed to be acute.  Unaware that his grandmother had passed away, Terry asked to see her, even reciting her phone number that the rest of the family had long-since forgotten.  Step by step, his healing miracle came more clearly into focus.    
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