Several months ago Southport Conservative Leader, Cllr Terry Jones, attacked the family of well-known UFO author/researcher, Pat Regan, via sending them a badly- written email that contained a legal threat.

The revealing story is now on a local news site 

Cllr Jones stated (his grammatical errors left intact) the following. 


Dear Mr Regan

I have just been forwarded the attached photo, and I would recommend that you be very careful with allegations that any of those posters maybe myself or someone close to me. Having seen the attached I then went on to the site and read the comments and I am quite happy to take legal action against any coward that just sites behind a keyboard without proof of their allegations accusing me of such things. I can confirm and if pushed, that site can be made to confirm that I do not post on that site, quite simply I am very busy with Council issus, work (and those without other agendas know so) and my family so I do not have the time to play silly games or sit behind a computer all day. I repeat I am more than happy to take legal action against anyone who prints false allegations regarding myself. I have cc’d Tony in as he is mentioned on there and to reassure him that is not my style and you’ve placed him I’m the situation with your photo. 

I have also bbc’d the parties legal department into this.

Kind regards



The original story was actually reported on OTS News here. 

Clearly bewildered by this somewhat emotionally written legal threat the family hit back with the following email to Cllr Jones. 


Dear Cllr Jones

We write in response to your somewhat indistinct threat, dated 5 April 2013.

With respect, we have to point out that your grammatical errors do unfortunately make this email quite difficult to understand. 

Consequently, perhaps you could take the trouble to run any future threats through your PC’s spellchecker the next time you decide to try and assault Ainsdale residents in this manner? This is not hard to do and would make life easier for all persons concerned. Thank you. 

Your rather emotive tirade indicates that you appear to erroneously believe that our family have some type of inside control over the content of the website in question, i.e. Qlocal. This is not so!

What appears on such websites has nothing whatsoever to do with us. Therefore, we politely suggest that you take your distasteful threats, suspicions and private grievances to the administrators of that site, once again. 

We say ‘once again’ as you will possibly recall that you have taken the trouble to ‘tape’ your previous conversations with individuals running the site and then forwarded them to a third party – yes? 

Perhaps the questionable legalities of such an action by you are best left for another day?

You also mention “Tony.”

From what little we can ascertain from your semi- incoherent email you appear to be referring to Cllr Tony Crabtree.

Cllr Crabtree, along with Cllr Haydn Preece, has been most supportive of residents in need, unlike you and your Ainsdale colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill. Therefore, we are confident that Cllr Crabtree is quite capable of making any statement, if he chooses to do so, ‘without’ gratuitous pressure from you!

We also have to inform you that because of your contemptible and amateurish conduct we are now quite happy to expose this appalling situation to the wider public, by any means possible.

It is indeed a poor day when an elected public representative, such as you, takes to unjustly berating hard-working members of the public who have worked so hard to improve the Ainsdale area. Improvements for elderly residents that you and your Tory colleague, Cllr Ted Hartill, have ‘blocked’ have been taken badly by many people in the area.  

We believe your bizarre outburst against us has more to do with ‘exposed inadequacy’ than anything else you are seeking (and failing) to accentuate in your threats.  Rest assured, ‘you’ shall not be receiving any votes from this local family after this odious debacle! Councillors are supposed to support residents, you however have done the exact opposite herein!  We are appalled.

We also object strongly to your oppressive conduct as you appear to be trying to ‘censor’ residents from highlighting the facts behind several issues that you seem to find exceptionally embarrassing. Is this not so Cllr Jones?

We have to advise you that we take great exception with your detestable and speculative threats of legal action. How dare you try to intimidate our family in such an antagonistic fashion!

Nonetheless, we fully welcome any action that you or your party care to take against us. Any such threat will immediately be greeted with a legal ‘counterclaim’ against you personally, or your party, for unwarranted harassment etc, if the necessity does arise!

Perhaps it is time for you to reconsider your political vocation, as current events indicate that you are experiencing difficulty in carrying out your duties in a constructive fashion that gives proper benefit to the public? 

We are sorry if this response has come as a disappointment to you, but sadly you can only blame ‘yourself’ for the current predicament that you have irrationally brought down on your own head and that of your Conservative colleagues. 

Yours sincerely

Mr and Mrs Regan



Now many months later and with no reasonable response from the dummy-spitting Ainsdale Tory leader the family are understandably alleging that Cllr Terry Jones and his legal threats simply amount to more “false bravado” and “hot air.” 

Clearly, the legal department at the Conservative office had better things to do than take Cllr Jones’ rambling nonsense seriously. 


All this confusing intrigue will be quite understandable to many Southport residents who recall how Cllr Jones previously fell out with his Tory colleague, ex-councillor Tom Glover OBE.

In 2011 Cllr Glover was accusing Terry Jones “again” of being “economical with the truth” in a letter to the media. 

Later, Jones appeared to have conveniently dismissed past differences and invited Glover and his dutiful wife back into the Tory fold in a hollow attempt to bolster up deteriorating Conservative deliveries in several Southport wards. Apparently, any weary horse will do, so long as it has the ability push leaflets through Southport residents’ letter boxes. 

Something about getting drunk and having the ability to run a brewery comes to mind! 

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