The story of how the new reprint of the late Bryce Bond’s book “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection” came about is almost as interesting as the book itself. It started in late 2014 when Inner Light/Global Communications CEO Timothy Green Beckley received an all-too-rare order for Bryce’s book on the impact that UFO contact had had on his philosophical and metaphysical perceptions of himself and humanity in general. 

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In his introduction to the recent updated and expanded edition, Beckley writes of how he first met Bryce in the mid-1960s. At the time, Beckley, along with his partner in crime, the late Jim Moseley, was organizing small meetings for a flying saucer club in midtown Manhattan. Bryce was working as a deejay at New York radio station WTFM, where he eschewed rock and roll and played mainly standards like Frank Sinatra. Bryce had a mild interest in UFOs and would announce news of the flying saucer club meetings on the air free of charge. 

During one of their brief conversations, with “Old Blue Eyes” crooning in the background, Bryce told Beckley he was going to England soon for a vacation. Bryce asked Beckley if he knew of any suggestions about what to do there, things that were off the beaten track and not just the usual “touristy” fare. 

Beckley had just published a book by British journalist Arthur Shuttlewood called “UFO Prophecy” that dealt with an enormous wave of sightings then taking place in a small hamlet called Warminster, located on the Salisbury Plain a stone’s throw from Stonehenge. 

Eventually thousands of ordinary witnesses would observe “The Thing,” which one of the more mysterious Warminster UFOs had been dubbed by the local press. Several celebrities also made their way to the top of Warminster landmark Cradle Hill to see what they might see, including Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The national media hopped on the Warminster UFO bandwagon for a while and produced a number of television documentaries, including this rare classic, which can be found archived on YouTube –

Beckley dashed off a letter of introduction for Bryce and air-mailed it to Shuttlewood. 

“The next thing I heard,” Beckley writes, “was that the two gentlemen had gotten along rather famously and that Bryce had become, in essence, Shuttlewood’s sky-watching buddy. Word came back to me from several sources that Bryce had not only seen a UFO but that he had felt the psychic energies given off by standing inside a crop circle, one of the early ones at that, and that he had had several unexplainable experiences which are detailed throughout the pages of this book.”

Bryce’s experiences in Warminster over the years included several “missing time” episodes and he was also brought onboard a landed space pod for a brief sojourn among the crew members. As Shuttlewood told it, there was an incident in which Bryce was absent from the group of sky-watchers for a period of hours. But, upon his return, Bryce stated that he felt he’d been gone a much shorter time. 

Beckley writes that such an experience might shake up almost anyone, but Bryce’s response was one of elation, of suddenly being high on life. Almost immediately upon returning to New York, he quit his job at WTFM, saying he could no longer do anything as superficial as spin Frank Sinatra records. Bryce had to be free to help others and save humanity. 

Bryce began to lecture at Beckley’s New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences, became an instructor for Silva Mind Control and a well-known faith healer in the area. 

“UFOs had changed his life,” Beckley writes, “as they have for many other individuals – both positively and negatively. Sometime later, Bryce began working on a book he called ‘Keys to Inner Perfection’ which he asked me to publish and which I did. There was nothing really significant about UFOs in the book, but I felt that what Bryce had to say was important enough to print a small edition of 2,000 copies.” 

That first book is reprinted in the new Inner Light/Global Communications release. It reads like a sort of “alien-inspired” self-help book in which Bryce tries to teach the open-minded reader to realign one’s consciousness with the cosmos. Which admittedly is not easy to do, even with help from the flying saucer occupants. He also preaches the always worthy sentiments of unselfishness and unconditional love for one’s fellow man and the world in general. 

“Unfortunately,” Beckley writes, “Bryce Bond never lived to see his book published. He passed away less than a month before the cartons arrived at our warehouse from the printer. I was always sad about this fact as I knew Bryce had put his heart and soul into preparing this publication.”

The book sold moderately well over the next couple of decades, but some of that small initial press run were consumed by bad weather and hungry rodents who had infested Beckley’s warehouse. When Beckley received the aforementioned order with only the one copy on his shelves, he decided to return the customer’s money and tell the person they were going to reissue the book. Beckley then handed the book over to William Kern, one of his graphics people, to have it scanned. 

Then, as “luck” would have it, Beckley was going through his extensive files and came across a dusty black binder. He realized it was a partially-edited, typewritten manuscript by none other than Bryce on his experiences in the U.K. Beckley vaguely remembered that Bryce had given him the book around the time he had submitted the “Keys To Inner Perfection” manuscript and asked Beckley to publish it at a later date if he could. The pages were now brittle and had changed color from white to a brownish-yellow. 

This newly discovered, detailed account of the UFO encounters that had led to “Keys To Inner Perfection” would add more depth and meaning to the reprinting project. It was now apparent that UFOs had impacted Bryce’s life more than he had let on. 

“Frankly,” Beckley writes, “I can’t help but believe that somehow Bryce was behind all this. As he looked down from some lofty place in space or a heavenly realm, I am sure he wanted others to discover the glory of his transformation experiences so they might experience their own. I think Bryce put me up to doing this because his complete story was never really told. I realized the work needed to be updated and a ‘final’ version published.”

The “lost” manuscript is a gripping narrative of what happened to Bryce as he took his leap of faith and visited the paranormal-soaked world of the small British hamlet. 

“Warminster, at this time of night,” Bryce writes, “even for a Saturday, was somewhat deserted. Only a few people ambled along the narrow streets. I felt that I had eyes on me all the way. It was a most unusual feeling. The small narrow streets, with high brick walls, sky overcast, and the town strangely quiet — maybe a prelude to what I was about to experience that night! After walking a short distance through narrow archways and flower-lined paths, I was amazed how lovely it smelled and how clean it was. On the hill, some of the group had their telescopes set up on tripods; others had binoculars and cameras ready.

“The thing that really struck me was how friendly everyone was. A good portion are very curious, another percentage are thrill-seekers, and the remainder, well, they just enjoyed being there with this warm, loving group of spiritual individuals, sharing stories and conversations . . . UFOs have been here for eons of years. History is filled with reports of strange glowing craft, of landings and contactees. But due to negative programming regarding these ancients, and fear of the unknown being magnified out of all proportion from mouth to mouth, it spread right into modern times. Only in these times we blame television and motion pictures for doing the damage: creating near mass-panic in the mind, showing these UFOs as hostile, coming down from the heavens to devour, murder and rape — and to gobble us up!

“This travesty of beings who are thousands or even millions of years ahead of us in technology, intelligence and spiritual intent. . . . What the masses do not understand, they fear. When they fear, they shoot and run. There are numerous reports that UFOs were shot at, out of panic — even by the military. Put yourselves in their shoes and think: What would you do if you went to their planet, or dimension, or universe, or another period in time? We drove over to Starr Hill, another ancient burial ground area. This sector is where the Romans built upon, with a few of the remnants still in evidence. The location was down in a valley, wheat fields all around and high hills. The sky started to clear, filled with thousands of beautiful stars and still no UFOs . . .

Part II continues tomorrow Monday, January 26, 2015!


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