Professor Michael Sword's UFO Files.

Professor Michael Swords hasn’t been posting at his blog for a while but last year he did give us a small peek at his comprehensive UFO file collection which he’s hoping to make available to the general public.

The files (about 2000 cases) are based on his own research and investigations by other scientists like Dr James E. Mcdonald and Dr J. Allen Hynek and the process of backing up, digitizing and scanning them all is discussed at the link below.

Just a Piece of “Practical” News


Folks, this is only a “notice” of something that all of us who have spent serious time researching these anomalies {and who have collected files} need to consider. I know most everyone knows this, but if my experience with my personal friends holds true, we don’t really do anything about it. This is, of course, the concern over preservation of the phenomenological elements of the subjects {the data}, and the human-involvement elements of the subjects {the history}, plus the related issue of making these piles of information more widely available to responsible scholars today and in the future..


All good news for future UFO research and in the article ‘Wandering In The Wake Of UFOs’ there are some nice photos of the archive as well as interesting points made about aspects like the high calibre of UFO witnesses, radar confirmation, electromagnetic interference effects, physiological effects, photographic evidence and CE3 reports (also included is an entertaining and hypothetical discussion with a UFO cynic).

* Apologies for the many posted images but this is an abridged version – full series found at the link.

Wandering In The Wake Of UFOs

“The Trouble with your UFO hobby is that you have no evidence. “


“Yep. Pretty pathetic given all those years.”

I think that there is pretty good evidence.

“Hah! If there was, we’d know about it.”

I could show you….

“Don’t bother.”

There are unusual lights….

” What a joke!”

Well, there are a lot of them… and

That light Captain Hull and his co-pilot saw came in front of them and danced. …

“Ah Shut-up! Who’s Captain Hull? Some drunk?”

No, he’s…

“I don’t have time for this crap. So long.”

Well, if you won’t even look….

those non-inertials…. those displays which show ‘it’ knows exactly where the observers are… the military guys, even scientists/ astronomers…

“Lights in the sky. No more.”


“Forget it, Waste of time… “

Well, he’s gone… probably just as well…

Oh yes. No evidence. Technological objects by the dozens seen by aerotech engineers, pilots, people of every sort… Obviously physical, Obviously “built”, Obviously “interested….

… no evidence.

Radar…. i guess those don’t count.

We all know that radar is a useless technique. After all if it were useful our military would USE it, wouldn’t we?

What we could really use would be some cases where the alleged things were close to the witnesses.

Too bad that we don’t have any……

… or if the darned things would just leave some trace of their being here.

Too bad that never happens..

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