UFO Sighting in Jacksonville, Florida on January 25th 2015 – Saw a large group of objects in the sky that seemed to be playing

I was outside flying my quadcopter so I was looking up and saw a large group of objects that appeared very strange. I watched for a minute or so and when I could clearly see them changing directions I ran to grab my cell phone. I zoomed in with my cell phone as much as possible and recorded them until they were gone. They were very shiny objects all moving in a similar direction but constantly changing direction around each other even backwards, almost like they were dancing or playing. When the sun would reflect off of them they shined almost like stars in the sky which aided in their directional changes to be seen. There was no sound whatsoever. I know for a fact that aircraft can not move like these objects and they definitely were not balloons, balloons can’t go backwards large distances or backwards at all. I assume they were around cloud height in the sky and were moving at a fast speed. I took some stills from the video as well.

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