UFO Sighting in Lansing, Kansas on August 15th 1998 – Saw XXXXLg. shoebox shape traveling about 20 mph, as I left my house enroute to work

This statement is made by myself, voluntarily disseminated, and made public, without promise or reward, nor of threat of reprisal.

This statement is true, clear, complete, concise, correct. I don’t know it it is something that is owned by a government entity, domestic or otherwise, or is/was from extra-terrestrial origin.

I know it sounds as if I’m not in full possession of what God gave me, but I assure you, I did see this object. I’m sure there are other crafts out there that have been or soon shall be observed.

My regret is I didn’t divulge this information sooner. You put the math to the size of this craft and how fast it moved, I think you might be hesitant to report it too

I have only told this information to ONE other person, before this date.
After reading this, I think you will understand why I haven’t relayed this information before now.

I’m 10 yr. Active Duty, medical retired Disabled VietNam Veteran: Followed by 20 yrs. [Occupation and plavce of employment removed/cms/tg]. I am a CHRISTIAN, TRUTHFUL, NON-DELIBERATE LIE speaking person.

This may cause some to say I’m a nut case, but that’s okay. I know what I saw. Read the rest of this, I think you will agree, there are things happening in American airspace, and other locations, that big brother doesn’t want the populace to not know about. They think we, the general public can’t make rational decisions about new information.

I lived about 3 blocks from the Prison, and about equidistant from the School District, Jr High School, hence more than copious amounts of/and adequate illumination to see anything very clearly and distinctly, was available in the area.

The time of year was still warm weather, I didn’t wear a jacket, just not sure which year it was, mid 1996 to fall 1999. I departed my domicile approx. 21:30 hrs, to report to work. I stepped out on the uncovered porch, I turned to grasp the door knob, to pull it closed and secure it.

When I did, I happened to see a movement of an object in the air, behind the Four 50-60 feet tall Elm Trees, growing in the corner of the yard.
The upper limbs of the trees, was between me and the this aircraft of unknown origin as observed from my front porch, as it was traveling in the air.

I glanced to the East-North-East and upward at about 45 degrees, and watched it continue on suspected path toward a point between Bonner Springs Ks. and Edwardsville Ks.

The craft I saw was a LARGE BLACK rectangle shape, “shoe box” approximately 800’x 400’x 200′ best guess of size, QUIETLY, and w/o any detected atmospheric disturbance, nor motor noise, of any type.

There was Large Yellow-Orange lens, similar to turn signal color, maybe 20′ diameter, perhaps every 50′ along the length of the craft. There was smaller maybe 10′ diameter, frosted or semi-clear lens, white light along the upper edge of the craft.

I was so taken aback I stood there watching it move through the air. I never in my lifetime would I ever see a U.F.O. After about 10 seconds, I thought “Need a Photo” I hurriedly went back into the house to get my camera. This took about 20 seconds. I was unable to find it. I went back out on the porch, and the object was gone.

It had progressed past the horizon toward the East-North-Easterly from a West-South-Westerly in that maybe 20 seconds of time. To put it in hunter’s lingo, it was quartering away from me, to my left.

Later doing the math from the time I last saw it,(perhaps 20 seconds) it started traveling >400 mph, to travel that far, in such a short elapse of time, and an elevation of about 100 feet, above the deck.

If I could draw, I would submit same for your information: If you get someone to talk with me, I will describe what I saw, and that person can render a sketch of the area and aircraft I reference in my narrative.

M.U.F.O.N. representative(s) may edit this for clarity purposes, as needed or deemed necessary.

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