UFO Sighting in Longwood, Florida on January 25th 2015 – Driving home, 3 UFO's sighted out passenger side window.

My husband and I were on I-4 West driving back home to our apartment in Altamonte Springs, FL. I was looking out the passenger side window and saw 3 flickering orange objects. As we were exiting off I-4 on to SR 434 I asked my husband if he could see all 3 lights. He could see only 2. As we continued on SR 434 south the 3 objects were in the western sky. We were traveling at 45 mph on SR 434. I lost sight of the objects a few times because of trees and buildings along the route. A few blocks away from I-4, I could only see 2 of the objects. I’m not sure of the flightpath because we were in a moving vehicle. I lost sight completely of the objects when were at the intersection of Wekiva Springs Rd and SR 434.The objects were a bright orange and they flickered. There was no noticeable landing lights or directional lights. I also saw what looked like an airplane passing between two of the objects.
I was surprised to see these objects again. I had spotted something similar a few years ago in Deltona, FL. while at my parents home. As soon as we arrived at our home we got out of our car and looked to see if the lights/objects had followed. When we went into our home we walked out to the back patio to see if they would appear.

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