UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona on January 24th 2015 – Suddenly was there, hovered a second or two then took off NE direction at approximately 35-50 miles Per Hour

As my wife was backing up onto the street beside our house I was standing to my right side of the car with our dog which was on a leash; facing north and looking at the sky to the right of the mesa that towers over the houses on our street. We are the third house down from the mesa and the reason for my including this is that I had clear view of the open sky, no clouds or chemical trails, to the right of and above (the craft was approximately 1K above and too the right of the mesa) the mesa. Upon the craft appearing I yelled for my wife to stop and look; but, for some reason she could not get the car stopped so she only saw the tail end of the sighting of the craft that was a beautiful blue-green either glowing or reflecting the morning sun with a trailing tail, of what looked like a light gray mist, that was about 4-5 times the length of the craft. The trail never varied and the craft never descended or ascended but flew straight towards the NE.
I never felt any thing, had any reaction other than my observing the beautiful light that changed while it flew and for some reason that felt anticlimactic I just stopped watching it and didn’t film it with my cell phone.

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