What would a staged alien invasion look like?

Many of us in America are wondering just what has happened to the federal government under the present Obama White House. For large seqments of our society the frustration over scandal after scandal never being prosecuted such as the NSA spying scandal, the IRS persecution of conservative election organizations, the Fast and Furious gun running operation, the deaths of Americans overseas under the Benghazi massacre, the Solyndra scandal along with many many more lawless operations sanctioned by the administration has caused widespread mistrust in our society.

Unsettling rule in America

Although many of us wonder how such blatant violations of the law could go unpunished there are other patriots of foreign nations who have seen what is going on in the United States and have successfully fought the powers of out of control government. Adrian Salbuchi is one of them. His own nation of Argentina faced much the same adversity brought on by a lawless government and corrupt banking system. Salbuchi led a movement to fight to regain control of Argentina from the hands of a banking system that was doing much the same as the Federal Reserve has done in America. Salbuchi also gave lectures, radio talk shows, and wrote extensively on how the people of Argentina or any nation should fight to remain sovereign and free of the corrupt powers that would impose big government tyranny and monetary control of the people’s currency. The Argentinian people won by taking matters into their own hands.

Adrian Salbuchi weighs in

When interviewed by Jeff Rense about the plight of America under the regime of the Obama administration Adrian Salbuchi made some interesting analogies and also issued some bizarre warnings as well over the US dilemma. Salbuchi characterized Barack Obama as the CEO of a corrupt corporation that moves in to conduct an unfriendly take over of another company. By imposing controls over stocks, corporate charters, replacing key personnel in management, and forcibly taking away ownership without the consent of the stockholders, Adrian makes a comparison to the way America has been taken hostage by a federal government not only in conflict with the US Constituion but the American people as well. The federal government has transformed from an entity dedicated to serving the people to a virtual dictatorship by virtue of executive orders being perpetrated by President Obama. The executive orders, executive memoranda, executive privilege used by Obama that have usurped the Constitutional authority of Congress.

The Obama regime

As well President Obama’s administration has extensively used deficit spending and exceeding debt limits to dangerously devalue the US dollar while exhorting the Federal Reserve to continue printing  fiat currency to float a failing US economy! Salbuchi noted that the Argentinian banking system was doing much the same causing massive inflationatary cycles that created fiscal chaos for the people of his country. As a result of this ruthlessness Adrian Salbuchi came to understand the nature of the powers that be, that they will stop at nothing to control millions of people with as much deception and force as it will take if the people are unwilling to stand up to such tyranny and take back their nation!

A manmade crisis of unknown proportions

Salbuchi warned in 2010 in lieu of the upcoming mid-term elections that saw the Democratic party take the biggest defeat it had sufferered in decades that something very unusual could happen to distract the people from the failures of their government. Adrian warned that some kind of drastic catastrophe of odd proportions might be used by the federal government of the US to offset the loss of its powers should the elections prove devastating for the Democrats and President Obama. He warned the American people to be ready for anything.

Ulterior motive

When questioned more closely By Jeff Rense as to what those scenarios might entail, Adrian Salbuchi mentioned that an alien invasion coould easily be staged by the federal government saying that the technology to pull off a convincing war with hostile beings from another civilization could not only  seem real, but could be the perfect circumstance to justify martial law and loss of all Constitutional rights among the US population!

War of the Worlds

One can look back in history to the Orson Wells radio show in 1937 which was a Fireside Theater play turned into an alarming misunderstanding that panicked thousands of Americans to see that such a deception could work! With the recent discovery that the “War of The Worlds” radio broadcast of a play based upon the H.G. Wells novel was indeed a social experiment thee appear to be alarming possibilities. There had been similar plans drawn up around the turn of the 20th century to explore such a scenario but they were never implemented!


When one considers that the US federal government has put gag orders on Benghazi survivors to prevent them from testifying, that acording to Admiral Lyons an intended fake kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens which would lead to an ingeniously negotiation by Obama’s state department had been fabricated, when one knows that economic reports coming from the federal government have been intentionally cooked to convince Americans that their government has not failed them, an alien invasion might not seem so far fetched! After all in the words of Rahm Emmanuel former Obama WHite House staff, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Why? Because, turmoil can always be used to pass laws and enactments that are permanent and would never be allowed under normal circumstances.

Robert Emmanegger’s input

I met with Robert Emmanegger, producer of a very sucessful prime time UFO dcoumentary years ago who told me of witnessing first hand the incredible psychological warfare that could be unleashed by the US military upon its enemies should the opportunity present itself. While at Wright Patterson AFB he saw things that were mind boggling. Emmanegger spoke of strange capabilities of converting afterburner heat from fighter jets into holographic images that could trick the human mind through the wonder of new electronic warfare, and this was in the late 1970’s! Think of what they could pull off now! Unfortunately, we live in uncertain times where patriotism and government intergity are at odds and the outcome for America is in jeopardy. It is strange to consider that the US could be more st risk from its very own government than that of the posisbility of a hostile alien invasion. Yet, with the corroborating evidence from sources like Orson Wells and Robert Emanegger, the possibilities seem undeniable!


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Could the US government stage a mock alien invasion to control the US population?

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