“It was getting awfully late and still I had not interviewed Arthur Shuttlewood. My voice was getting weaker, my head clogged up due to the cool dampness. I got his attention and we crawled into one of the nearby cars to keep warm while I interviewed him. He was telling me that, only a few nights ago, three large entities about eight feet in height were seen down in a little hollow, to which he pointed.  While in their presence, people felt a great warmth exuded from them; they were engulfed by it and the scent of roses and violets was very strong. All of a sudden, while Arthur was speaking, his conversation went to a peculiar light that just appeared in the field in front of us.  He was somewhat blasé about the whole thing . . .

“Arthur then said quietly: ‘I’m very glad you are here tonight, Bryce. There in front of us is a UFO.  Notice the triangle shape and colored lights going around? That is a very good sign.’ It then started to lift off in a weird pattern — then just disappeared. I was flabbergasted! It was so close. While describing that one on tape for American listeners, another one popped up about 25 degrees along the horizon. This one was very brilliant white, while the other was a blaze of colored lights. The intensity increased as it raised itself very slowly, did a little dance in the sky, then took off and disappeared. But before it did, Arthur jumped from the car, borrowed a flashlight from someone and sent Morse code to it. It in turn sent back the same signal that Arthur flashed out. Then it flew off. This was the highlight of my British trip: a close sighting; yet I honestly felt spiritually close to the lights in the field.”

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Bryce had begun interviewing other watchers as to what they witnessed when he suddenly felt called away once more.   

“I turned off the recorder and made a mad dash out into the field, went into a light trance state and asked higher intelligence to make contact again. Leaving the group, I made my way down to the hollow, where two nights before three entities were seen. Again I went into a light trance state for what seemed to be a few minutes only . . . I was awakened by my friends, who thought I had gone. I must have been there for about an hour. I truly do not know what transpired while I was there or in trance. I told my friends I would return shortly and they went back to where the others were standing. I then made my way slowly back to the parked cars and people. Now here is a strange thing: the wheat in the field next to me as I walked back up the dirt road was about waist high . . .

“I walked along the road very close to the fence. Suddenly I heard a noise — like something crushing the wheat down. There was no breeze blowing that night. I looked over. The moon had just come out, shining very brightly — and there, before my eyes, a large depression was being formed. The wheat was being crushed down in a counterclockwise position. It too was shaped like a triangle and measured about twenty feet from point to point. I stood there a few moments and experienced a tremendous tingling sensation — the same sweet smell — being engulfed by warm air. Not fully understanding what had happened, I walked up the road to get Arthur, my host.

“Speaking of the field, Arthur pointed out some landing impressions in the section fronting the farm barn: a circle about thirty feet in circumference, with another depression spotted, but this one in a long cigar shape. All the depressions, recently made and noticed, were in a counterclockwise fashion. After all this, I was very happy and thankful. My mission had been a success.”

Bryce never wavers in his belief that he has contacted something compassionate and loving in the fields near Warminster. Later in the new book, he writes, “None of us seemed to feel fear. Perhaps we didn’t have time for fear, or perhaps it just didn’t exist in this dimension of consciousness and contact. Perhaps these beings created a state of Samadhi, the experience of ultimate union with the source of creation, called God, higher consciousness, the Supreme; whatever the name, the feeling of total oneness is the same. Somehow we had been guided to this destination at this specific time to make contact with these extraterrestrial intelligences and to share in the extraordinary experience together.”

This shared sensation of bliss – absent any sort of fear – is not always the case for UFO witnesses. Many sighting and abduction reports tend to be all about the terror of encountering a phenomenon that is nonhuman, supremely intelligent, and able to hold us helplessly spellbound even as it defies what we believe are the natural laws of space and time. 

But the way in which Bryce and Shuttlewood and the rest of the group were having such a pleasant time of it is also not without precedent, as in the contactee accounts that began to proliferate in the 1950s. One recalls the Betty Andreasson Luca case, beginning in 1967, in which a New England housewife and other members of her family were regularly abducted over many years by what Betty continues to feel are benevolent aliens preparing the way for the Second Coming of Jesus.  

Bryce quotes Arthur Shuttlewood thusly on the subject: “I think the UFO intelligence is essentially of God. But man must sink his ego before he can get the truth.”

Beckley has also added the elegiac recollections of two of Bryce’s old friends to “UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection.” One of those friends is Marc Brinkerhoff, who contributes a pencil drawing he made for Bryce depicting his late friend’s face-to-face encounter with both a gray alien and a human-looking, female alien. The event had taken place during a later trip to Warminster by Bryce in 1974, and Marc provides a brief but relatively detailed account of the meeting between Bryce and the friendly UFO occupants. 

Psychic Shawn Robbins writes about discovering Bryce’s dedicated interest to UFOs one day when they were conversing about Jimmy Carter’s famous sighting experience in 1969 as he was campaigning for the governorship of Georgia. Bryce opened up and told Shawn that he’d been in a kind of mental contact with UFOs for many years, but Shawn felt that he was trying to establish a psychic bond with the aliens through her as well. After all his years of encounters with the UFO occupants, Bryce somehow still felt like an “outsider” even as he struggled to communicate the reality of the alien presence to the people. Shawn believes that mission was accomplished by Bryce’s books. 

Bryce died in January 1992 at the age of 63 from a brain aneurism. He had been due to give a short lecture on metaphysics and healing at the United Nations that day, and when the always punctual and reliable Bryce didn’t show up on time nor answer his phone, Marc decided it was time to call the police. Bryce was discovered collapsed in his home and taken to a New York City hospital, where he was kept on life support for several days. Marc claims to have had an out-of-the-body meeting with Bryce in which Bryce appeared youthful and vigorous but concerned about what was happening to his body. Shortly after this otherworldly encounter, Bryce was taken off life support and passed away. 

Perhaps Timothy Green Beckley is right when he says the publication of “UFOs: Keys To Inner Perfection” may have been guided by Bryce Bond from some heavenly location. The various components of the new book have come together after the passage of many years and now form something like a completed puzzle. The final pieces were the newly discovered manuscript and the testimonies of those who knew and loved Bryce. One can only hope that, after meeting the aliens and preaching unconditional love, Bryce has found it for himself and is still able to lead others to it.   


UFOs: Key To Inner Perfection

Legacy of the Sky People: The Extraterrestrial Origin of Adam and Eve; The Garden of Eden; Noah’s Ark and the Serpent Race

Flying Saucers From Mars and My Contact With Flying Saucers: 2 Books In One


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