UFO Sighting in New Richmond, Wisconsin on January 25th 2015 – Orange Fireball falling from the sky

I was outside having a smoke when a light caught my eye south of my home. I live in a rural area so things in the sky are very easy to see. It was a very bright orange fireball looking thing just above the treeline. It fell very slowly like something on fire falling from the sky. It was very bright orange (like fire). It did not make any noise and appeared to be a few miles away. It was not a falling star. It was much larger than that and could not be confused with a star. It fell below the treeline so I couldn’t tell if it landed or where it actually was. I just know it was falling slowly to the ground. I have seen strange things in the sky before, but this one was very unusual. Sorry, didn’t have my phone on me for pictures.

I have seen strange lights around here lately, but have been reluctant to report until now. Another incident involved a hovering white light moving up and down and sided to side around 6 am around January 15, 2015 (sorry, not sure of date, but appearing to hover like a helicopter would but had no sound.

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