UFO Sighting in Readstown, Wisconsin on December 31st 2014 – An object resembling a quarter Moon moves over trees on hilltop in jerky fashion

We had a dinner reservation at 5:30 PM on New Year’s Eve, so I went outside to get the car started and warm. It was dark. On the way to the car I saw an object looking like a quarter moon with the bottom left corner filled in. The object moved over a hillside, just over the top of the hill. It finally went behind the trees but I could still see the light from it. The object moved in a jerky fashion, almost like I was looking at a series of photographs projected in the sky, in first a westward direction, and later north, behind the trees on top of the hill. I watched it for about 30 seconds from the driveway, and then when it disappeared behind the trees I walked out in the yard where I could still see the light it made for a few more seconds.

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