UFO Sighting in California on January 27th 2015 – Seen a cigar shaped craft that had no wings or tail

While I was in the side yard, I looked up at the clouds facing West/North West. I observed this funny looking craft that was cigar shaped and very long moving without any sound as it traveled through clouds. The clouds were very low at the time. It was flying South coming from the North. I live next to Beale Air Force Base and a small airport in Olivehurst. I know what planes look like and every one of them makes sounds because they are loud as they fly over my home on a daily basis.

This craft caught my attention because of it’s shape and it made no sound. Also it had no wings or tail which was very odd. It was white in coloration. I used my pinky finger to see if I could cover it but it was so long that it was wider than my thumb. It appeared to be using the clouds for cover. It was bizarre. My husband has seen sphere, saucer, and one time a triangle shaped style, UFO’s, while doing armed security at the Sutter Buttes. My husband wasn’t surprised at all when I told him about what I had seen.

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