UFO Sighting in Chester, Maryland on January 27th 2015 – UFO Orbs over Farm in Chester, MD

I left my residence in Queenstown Maryland to go to Stevensville MD for dinner. I left my residence at 8:59PM and know this exactly because as I pulled out onto Highway 50 West, my watched beeped letting me know it was 9:00PM.

I noticed a few bright lights in the sky but didn’t pay much attention to them until I got to the 50W/301 split, The sky is more visible there without trees covering. While driving I noticed that the orbs would appear brighter and then all of a sudden dim. It was as if I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. Finally when 1 disappeared, I decided to try and get closer. I took the exit for Piney Narrows Road that goes under the Kent Narrows bridge and puts you on Main Street RT 18 in Chester.

I took my first picture at 9:11PM. I stopped on the side of the road to catch better pictures, when I noticed they were increasing, I then posted on Facebook to see if anyone else was catching this besides me. I drove to another location farther down Main Street and stopped again, there I recorded a brief video. The video shows the main orb in the center, with one on each side and a slight flickering 4th orb on the right.

Response to the Facebook post was mainly people wanting to see pictures, pictures that I had taken and was willing to share. I went through a bit of a time line updating what I saw on my post. There were 5 orbs at one point then dwindled down to one that hung around and then disappeared. I captured the final picture at 9:24PM.

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