UFO Sighting in Forney, Texas on January 27th 2015 – Teardrop 500 mph. NO CONTRAIL but flying next to 2 perpendicular contrails. Flew in pairs 1 was alone. All 5 were the same structured configuration.

While out in the front driveway after taking child to school. Early morning around 8 a.m.. Look up in sky to see two contrails equidistant at both ends running exactly the same path. This seemed strange to me so much stare lingered. Two objects appeared some distance to the right I followed them until they were out of sight the second set of two objects appeared directly next to the contrails previously observed they to almost immediately disappeared after my sighting. A fifth craft by itself followed the other four as it was taking up a rear position. At one point it hovered for a moment and then continued on out of sight.

Good luck all of you. It sounds like you all have a wonderful job. Be careful and be blessed. With each day you chronicle the precursors to what will expand the human consciousness and condition to heights never before considered. I may not have many gifts but I have vision and insight. Trust me we are at a turning point in time and the fan is about to have some stuff hit it pretty darn hard.

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