UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on January 26th 2015 – just out of nowhere this fingers type ufo came. and stayed a long time

Since may 3rd 2014 everynite i have been a witness to extreme ufo activity why me i have no idea i am glad to be chosen for this event i do not have famoly so i am tickled.to have aiens follow me around at mite yes aloemst at nits yes aliens there are 3 crafts that follow me at nite i also i have foind the most stranges artifacts in tbe feild across from.where i live whefd they hang out at nite you must must see tjem there is sooo much.ufo activity going on that.i need mufon to belp me understand what tjos all means thdy.have communicated wkth me is going on i am using speech to text so it doesnt always get the words rite and i dont remember the feature for spellcheck forgive methe aliens have brought whAt i havd sitnessed robots creatufes i have nevdr seen tthey sdem to have a sense of humlr however get pissy easlily tthey also do thinhs during the daylite hpirs and havd somd good footage.of the evdnts every time i tried to send footage yoir way it wpild say file.too large so i took my cell phone and copied from my sony dvd camera on to phone howevemy cell phone only allows a short amount of time on video if yoi ddcixd to send a feild investigator i have alot to shard with you it would be worth your time i promise you this i have an exttra bedroom u could use o m not a chatty cathy and would stay ojt of your way i have food and coffed i hope and pray that you wl conzider an investigation i nded mufons expertise and knowledge this is a big event why me i dunno its mind blowing and this has beengoing on since may 3rd so u can imagins all the evidence i do have thank you for reading my story i hope to hear from u tame care maron

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