Anyone else feel attached to the sky?{UFO encounter?}

Since I was a little kid, one of my hobbies where to star gaze and during the day look up at the sky.
As I have gotten older, I realize I would always look up at the sky at certain times of the day and night, mainly at night time i would just look up as if I am expecting something.
The feeling of ‘attached’ to the sky makes me feel like I am looking up at … home?

And recently almost every night {When I am not exhausted} I go outside with my porch light off, and just look up at the sky.
As if something is about to happen. Sadly I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, except two nights ago I was outside when this big ball of yellow light
just appeared and it slowly floated slowly upward in the night sky. It would stay in a spot and change either to a yellow color then bright red, confused and having a
slight hopeful feeling I got my Mum and she came out.

Explaining to my Mum what I saw she insist it was either a helicopter or another Military aircraft [We live near by a military base], I look up in the sky and the light disappeared and
all there was, was a airplane just passing by.
I am not sure what I saw, it didn’t make a noise, it stayed in one spot until I went inside to get my Mum, it was slowly drifting in the air, flashing two
lights at a time, and I was hypnotized by it. ((That is what it felt like)).

I am not sure but that is one of the strange things that have been going on lately for me.
If what I describe is a UFO or something else, please let me know. I am just in a mass of confusion and strange events. :suspicious::confused5::confused5:

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