UFO Sighting in Georgia on January 28th 2015 – three lights make a triangle with no sound or flashing lights

I was getting ready for work and looking out my window at the stars and sky and noticed a fast moving object just above the treeline. I thought it was odd because It was flying so low. All of the commercial aircraft in the area fly much higher and fly in a different direction. It was headed on a straight southern course. It changed direction quickly and I thought I looked like the pilot had no idea where they were going. I noticed after the turn it had three steady bright white lights in a triangle formation. I realized then that I heard no jet noise or helicopter noise which was weird because of how close it was. I looked for flashing lights or normal landing lights like on a plane or helicopter and this did not have any. I ran to the other side of the house to see it and it was gone. I then ran outside looking all over the sky and it was gone.

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