UFO Sighting in Independence, Missouri on January 26th 2015 – Huge Craft – no sound flying under 500 feet directly overhead – size of a 747

As reported to ASD in person:

I was going to my car in the driveway on my way to the store to get some medication when my two children and I noticed a very large object flying directly overhead from west (Kansas City) to east (Independence). It was flying extremely low as if about to land nearby but there is no airport or highway to land near us. It has absolutely no sound whatsoever but was the size of a 747 airplane. There were four bright unwavering large white lights on it but no red or green navigation lights or strobe. It had large flat wings and a rounded body but no tail. It would take my entire hand to cover it up at arm’s length. I estimate the distance to be about 500 – 1,000 feet from the ground. It flew directly over our house and continued on in a westerly direction until we could no longer see it. The total time we watched this object was approximately two minutes, so it was flying very slowly. I saw no emissions and heard no engines. The three of us are at a loss to explain what we saw. I took video with my cell phone and will send that to the investigator.

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