UFO Sighting in Shasta, California on January 28th 2015 – a light in the sky

Hi guy’s, I was checking the ski cam at Mt Shasta and it looks like they got a good pic of an orb. So I did a save as and here you are. I’m actually an experiencer of the 4th kind. Seen an orange one here in China last year flying East towards my school then slowly turned South towards Mt. Lu or Lushan. The best one I ever saw was in Dahab Egypt, I was at the English Pub rooftop bar when I noticed something coming across the Red Sea from Soudi moving very fast, it was the orange light type, coming almost straight toward us. (I’m saying, look look look) Well at about 2/3’s across the Sea it made the famous right turn at a very high rate of speed. The orange glow turned on and off a few times as it flew towards Israel. My coolest siting so far. The one in China last year also the orange glow turned on/off then off, but I could still see it from the moon light. I’ve seen so many. Before I left the states in 09, I had 3 neighbors 5 cops and a nurse in my front yard with binoculars looking at an orb, Ahhh ha ha. So funny! They thought I was playing a joke, had to call them twice. Hey keep looking up! Cheers!

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