UFO Sighting in Blairsville, Georgia on May 10th 2011 – Chrome ball hovering over pasture shot into ground

Driving to computer repair customer, notice chrome ball over a pasture with. Few cattle grazing. Buzzard was circling oblect in sky, then in front of it, object seemed to be about the length of a school bus across. I could see reflections of the cows on the bottom of the object, and clouds on the near side twards me. I was at a complete stop, window down, no radio playing, not sleepy or over worked. I watched the object for close to 60 seconds and the buzzard flying near it, the bird flew close enough for me to see its reflection in the chrome object in the sky, then it shimmered slightly and shot straight down into a stand of trees about 1/4 mile away. It left behind a heat wave or shimmering vapor trail of some type that disipated in approximatley 20-30 seconds. The buzzard was left circling, and I drove away. Entire event lasted around 60 seconds. I informed the 911 operator when I reached my destination about 8-9 miles down the road. While at dinner with friends, the sherrifs department called me back while I had my cell on speaker phone and asked me some questions avout an aircraft crash possibility. I informed the deputy that it was not an airplane or helicopter and that it was a chrome spere about 40-60 feet across that shot straight into the ground in a small stand of trees.

While driving the last 3 miles, I noticed at an intersection that there were 3 vehicles pulled over all pointing and talking in the direction of the object. I did not stop and speak with them, bey it was obvious that they were distressed and worried.

At dinner the deputy put his phone on speaker so I could hear the dispatcher, and i heard the woman tell him that he was to return to base with dash cam footage.

I am moving to Mn. The third week of Feb. but can be reached via email or cell phone if needed. I can take someone to the exact spot where this occured up to the point that I move out of state.

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