UFO Sighting in Chester, Virginia on January 29th 2015 – Unlike anything I have ever seen.

Sitting up in my parent’s office, at the top of the house, I have a very strong view through two wide windows out into the sky. I just heard the sound of what can be described as almost whale-like, but I can’t describe it.. I’ve never heard anything like it. In my direct line of sight I then very lucidly saw a low flying object, with an irregular shape, and numerous lights moving around, almost alternating, as it curiously moved on above the tree line.. The shape was not a plane.. I can’t describe exactly what I saw.

The closest thing would be a rounder, more dimensional shape.

However, its trajectory and actual flight movement were also irregular. By that, I mean it did not stay at a straight flight path, after it passed my line of sight. It stayed straight for about fifteen seconds, and its actual rate of acceleration was like it was moving, and then stopping, but almost like it was doing both simultaneously. I watched it move past my house, almost as clearly as you’d see a car drive by on the other side of the road, from the perspective of a sidewalk, but about 200 yards away. It then moved very sharply to the left, from its original flight path, and even through the tall trees and the morning darkness, I was still able to very clearly see its lights from about half a mile away. What struck me as most odd was that the position it was in, when I saw the lights at this point, was that if it was an actual aircraft, considering the speed and movements of conventional designs, it would have been long past the point of where it was still at, AND it would have made actual flight sounds while moving. From this vantage point, any bypassing aircraft make discernible noise. NO NOISE AT ALL.

After the initial whale-like sound, there was no other indication of its presence other than its material presence, the lights, and its displayed movements.. It was completely silent as it came across like it was slowly hovering.. Wow….. I’m posting this while it’s still fresh, for my own sake. This is my first sighting when it comes to UFO’s, btw. Just to clarify for you all.

As I’ve posted in other parts of the forum, my grandfather was a Full-Bird Colonel in the USAF – I am NOT a stranger to planes. I grew up around dozens of stories about them, many discussions with my grandpa about the kinds of jets he flew, and had many a subscription to Aviation magazines as a teenager. I was VERY interested in Aviation and wanted to be a pilot.

Because of this, I’ve tried my best to be as specific in this reporting as possible.

With most aircraft, there are aircraft navigation, or position lights. As well as anti-collision strobe lights. The closest thing I could say to how the lights alternated would be the rotating beacon, located on the fuselage and the tail of a regular aircraft. However, the positions of the lights were not like a planes, and while most conventional aircraft have several different colored lights; including red, green, and white, this had similar to a rainbow pattern.. Up to 8 or 9 different colors. As low as it was, with a regular aircraft, it’d make sense for the landing light to be on, or the taxi light.. But I live many miles from any strips or landing zones. Because of the shape, how low it was flying, the alternation of the lights and the displacement of the colors in relation to regular craft, the complete lack of noise, the deviation of regular flight paths and unique movements… I’m reasonably inclined to believe that this in fact was a UFO.

It shape was not that of a banner tow or glider tow aircraft.. Or F-15, F-22, F-35 class, or A-10 class.. Or any reasonably shaped aircraft..

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