UFO Sighting in Palestine, Texas on January 28th 2015 – Night # 2 observed. Flashing colors, spinning,"in orbit" witnessed in next state over by several friends with video and pictures

First night, 1-27-2015.( yesterday )About 7:45pm. Feeding Horses. Observed Helicopter flying from local airfield. Watched it fly over the trees and out over the city.
Went back to feeding horses. Noticed BRIGHT Starlight blinking above the horizon. Thought it was the Helicopter again. Stood still and observed it.
It never moved, no sound, just flashing lights. Started walking down the 1/4 mile driveway toward the front gate, stopping every 100 feet or so to observe this object.
It still never moved. Kept flashing lights and spinning. after stopping and observing this object 6 or 7 times, made it to the front gate and closed the gate. Started walking back, keeping the object in sight, and stopping when there were no trees obscuring it. Stopped another 6 or 7 times on the way back to observe it. Made it back to the Horses.My movement had caused the object to be behind a tall tree… I went inside and made dinner. Ate.
Got a call about an hour later and went outside to get cell reception.

while talking on the phone to a friend in the next State over, saw the object again. Described what i was seeing, and where it was in the sky in relation to the moon and Orion.
My friend had to go into the front yard to be able to see it. Then she could see it too, and was seeing the same object I was seeing, and was describing the flashing lights as they occurred, in the same color sequences.
we kept talking about it, and I went inside to get binoculars.
I could see it a lot better,very clearly ( 60 x 90 binoculars ) and went back in to get the camera and a tripod.
Kept watching it and trying to take pictures until about midnight, and called it a night. I got some good photos, but the Video I shot tonight is much much better, and will be posted with this report.

My friend called several of her friends in Texas and Louisiana. Her friend in LA is a photographer, and got some good photos and video as well… and she posted them to facebook. The Photographer Woman in Louisiana watched the object until 3:30 am.

I was too wound up last night to post this, But i did come to this site and look at the last 20 sightings.
Disappointed no one else reported this obvious object.

Rough day today the 28th. Felt drained and confused all day. Grumpy.
Jittery and honestly….. sort of insecure. Had to take a long nap this afternoon to get back some “ability” to function.

As it got dark here again tonight, I didnt want to go out and look for it or at it again, but I had to to feed the Horses.

This time I took the camera and tripod and binoculars with me.

Sure enough… there it is.

It was approximately 8:35 tonight when i went outside to feed.
made a few calls, and gave my friends the heads up.

I set the tripod up, and because my photos from last night were not so clear, decided to do a video.

Self explanatory from there.

Unedited video is attached with this report.

Star like object, literally in orbit ( at least out of the atmosphere )moving very very slowly WEST and losing some altitude while spinning, flashing, strobing colors of red, blue, green , bluish green and possibly some warm yellow. The background color of this object was white.

Set the camera up, finally got it in frame, and stepped back from the camera to let it record.

I got 29 minutes total of video before the card was full, and about 17 or so full minutes of the Object.

Zoomed in and out as best as possible. Tried to show scale and landmarks…used a laser pointer twice, and called it out on video when I did it, to make a tree and a telephone pole for scale and distance ( and to help find the object with the camera lens )

Words mean nothing…

watch the video.

This is the second night it has been out there, basically same spot.

I used Orion and the Moon as markers.
Its explained on the video, the direction and distance from Orion as well as the elevation.

its coming back tomorrow night.

I seriously need much better camera equipment, or a long telephoto lens and flir or night vision would be awesome.
Anyone has that equipment, get ready tomorrow night where you are to look south and 20 deg above the horizon, and Orion’s Left leg points right at it.

I KNOW it will be there.

Dont miss this change investigators. No joking. Get ready.

From East Texas to Central Louisiana, You will be able to see it.

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