Black Triangle Sighting in Monroe Township, New Jersey on October 7th 2014 – Unearthly extreme upgrade intechnology

It was approximately 12:35 pm on October the 7th when I was watching television and I had an immense urge to get up and go outside based on a force that was indescribable if there were a similar word to an intuitive brain response then that would be so. As I exited the 1st floor balcony door from the SW was a similar shape as a plane being downed in the scale of 2 747 back to back from about a 1/4 miles out with immense 2 beady bright star lighted beams of light that would throw most peoples senses off. However, I was well aware there were no airports in the close proximity and the size at the time of the aircraft was to immense. In complete and utter interest I was forced to stay in the exact spot on the balcony as this ship had gotten closer to my direct line of view. It was slightly hard to make out what I was at 1st viewing as it looked like a plane in distress from the angle it flew at 30 degrees. Within what seems like a minute closely between the proximity of the highest of tree lines to 750 came a cloaked like a cloud based triangle hoover craft in the dimensions of about 75 yards hovering by at 15mph over the tree line. The craft had a cylindrical orangey but different cylinder in the middle with no jet turbine. By all means the technology was extremely advanced to hold such as ship in it’s entirety in the air without hovering or jets. In this area these UFO are commonly spotted for quite some time never down so low. It was unearthly but the patterns of the lights as it got closer were much more intricate! For further detail as the metallic looking pattern of symmetry I am available for e-mail. This was a 100 percent identified to the most keenest of my abilities!

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