Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over New York State

Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over New York State

By Cheryl Costa

     The old saying goes “Diamond are a girl’s best friend” but the question is, what’s with the Diamond UFOs over New York?

It was a little after 9 p.m. on September 27th, 2014 Hank, a Buffalo, NY resident went outside for a cigarette. While gazing at the crystal clear southern sky he observed a diamond UFO traversing the sky.

“As I was watching the object slowly move from east to west, suddenly it stopped and appeared to hover. Then object’s five orange-ish tint lights dimmed briefly and the diamond UFO just winked out and wasn’t seen again.”

In another sighting on Long Island in the town of Commack, NY, a resident was watching television when he noticed a bright light out of his living room window. He tells us that he went outside to his porch to get a better look and saw a bright diamond UFO traveling from North to South. . . .

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