UFO Sighting in Burdett, Kansas on June 16th 2014 – Peculiar coordinating events

First, I am a 15R in the army. Attack helicopter repair crewman. This will come back later.

I was leaving town via the south bridge when I noticed something odd. A pair of cylindrical objects, dark in color and lacking identifying features, flew overhead. These were at high altitude, making determine size and speed difficult. These objects continued their flight at roughly heading 060 to 070, covering an estimated 15 miles in 30 seconds. This is verified by one other eyewitness who claimed they turned nearly above his town. These objects were immediately suspicious, as they distinctly lacked wings or rotors distinguishable from the ground. The objects moved with no sound, and promptly altered direction to heading 180 nearly exact, judging by eye. Approximately doubling their speed, they exited the airspace and were gone roughly a minute after they turned. The maneuverability I observed was limited, but the single example entirely ruled out fixed wing aircraft, and it’s speed ruled out rotor wing units. Within the following 3 hours, local air traffic was greatly increased. I personally witnessed a flight of three CH47s in standard army color and configuration, as well as 7 UH-60s or variants, with two sticking out as being a different black than the standard army scheme. These aircraft flew in the same direction as the craft, away from most logical routine destinations. Being between Fort Riley and McConnel AFB, such flights are not unheard of. However, the strang number of aircraft in a short period is unheard of previously, as was the direction. My friend in a nearby town approached me, believing I would recognize the craft and explain the strange military activity. Unable to reach a conclusion, we discreetly (as we both had no intention if being dismissed as crazy) approached a third party whom we knew had been manning a local radar tower in the county airstrip. We came to understand that the objects had a radar signature and registered intermittently. The radar experienced difficult ing in obtaining flight data, and gave signs characteristic of being electronically jammed. However, it is plausible these objects flew at roughly 2,800-3,000 ft agl. The three of us debated pursuing this in a larger city with a larger radar array for it’s airport, but promptly decided otherwise. I was not visited, nor was friend A, but the radar operator claimed to have been met by men claiming to be FBI demanding information regarding what his equipment experienced the day after. This visit coincides with the sighting of a single, black helicopter. This helicopter did appear fielded by the army, and in fact resembled a Lynx. Assuming it was a government sanctioned function, the subject was dropped. That is until it became apparent that animals were missing. Cattle had gone missing from 2 owners, who lost 2 head each. I chose to pursue by approaching a fellow serviceman of rank, who responded in a hostile manner and specifically stated that I would be “…wisest to remember nothing out of the ordinary.” Fearing backlash or a psyche evaluation, I dropped it indefinitely.

I find it curious that the black helicopter is specified. If anyone has further information on this helicopter that must be linked to numerous events, please verify my comparison to the British Lynx.

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