UFO Sighting in palestine, Texas on January 31st 2015 – Night # 3 Same object, spinning, flashing colors with video see Rtp # 62497 1-28-2015

Third night to see this object.
Submitting two more videos, and will upload photos from 1st night( 1-27 ) tomorrow.

previous report number 62497 also had a video from 1-28-2015.

flashing, pulsating, spinning sar like object , out in the upper atmosphere or beyond.

Blues, purples, warm yellows, whit, pink slight red and slight green tinge on occasion.

1st night was mainly red and green.

this makes three videos of this same object…

someone with a telescope and a camera should look UP and get a higher quality recording. S,and west.

More detail in the first report as to location and direction

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