Black Triangle Sighting in Independence, Missouri on September 1st 2000 – I and a companion observed 2 sets of 3 lights hovering silently, then ascend and depart

Somefriends and I were hanging out and but not much was happening. My friend Matt then tells us a tale about some old hippy he heard about and it’s relative area suggesting we go check it out. We all say what the beck and we load up and head out. We get there a couple hours before dark. Its a large,tree covered, dome of a hill just off the east side of 281 north near a bridge that crosses a water way (Missouri river?) about 20 – 30 minutes or north of 24 hwy in independence. We decide to device into pairs and seek out the commune at the top of the hill agreeing we either meet there or return to the car at nightfall. I team with Matt and we head out.

Night begins to fall as make our way back. We come to some rail road tracks and follow them west as we chit chat confident they will lead us back to the road and the car. We follow the tracks perhaps 10 minutes when I spot some lights just north of us. Thing is that’s the flood plane of the river with weeds as high as a man. That strikes me as very odd. I verbalize this to Matt and now we are both stationary studying these lights. There appears to be two distinct sets, one set slightly closer then the next and just a matter of meters further west. I would guess they were about as high over the weeds as a parking lot lamp is over the lot and you could see light cast down on the weeds under them.

There was no sound or movement. I remarked there should be no lights There and I moved to the edge of the embankment the tracks were on where it dropped to the plain where the weeds were flourishing so I could try and get a better view. I could see no lamp post or a any discernable mount the lights may be affixed to. Matt joined me and we studied the lights a few moments longer. Curiosity getting the better of me I begin to study the embankment and the footing at the bottom considering a trek through the weeds to get under these mysterious lights. No sooner do I contemplate my first step down when both sets of lights ascend straight up into the sky with out a sound and in the span of a breath appear to reach airliner altitude where tasy pause for just and instant before one set shoots west and the other east. With in a second they are out of sight. We shared the experience with or friend’s after reaching the car but they were sceptical to say the least.

The experience was fantastic and unbelievable. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t believe it. Its almost enough to make you doubt your sanity. I don’t know if they we’re alien craft but they were ufo’you perhaps others who have had a similar experience won’t feel so crazy if they hear mine.

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