UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on January 30th 2015 – UFO appeared over concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, circled the area a few times, then vanished. Seen by no less than 5 people.

A UFO was witnessed by myself and at least four others at the Red Rocks Outdoor Amphitheater, near Denver, Colorado, on the night of Friday, January 30th, 2015, at 8:57 pm. Firstly, I feel that it is important to note that I served as a helicopter crewman in the Navy for six years. I have over 900 flight hours, most of them at sea, where I had to constantly identify lights in the distance, for aerial recon. I was also qualified as an enlisted aviation warfare specialist by my unit. I know what a normal aircraft looks like at night, and how a normal aircraft moves. My friend, who served in the same unit and job with me, also saw the UFO. I did my best to take pictures and video on my Iphone 4, but the quality does not do the object justice. There were five of us that saw the craft, at least. I know that one of them also recorded footage, and I am waiting for him to contact me with it. I cannot vouch for the sobriety of anyone but myself that night. But I can vouch for my own. I was sober.
While attending a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, while the performer was on stage singing, my friend and had our attention caught by something hovering in the sky above us. Being former Naval helicopter crewman, we instantly knew that it wasn’t normal. It appeared as a circle of steady glowing lights. Eight in total. Six green, and two red. I could not observe whether or not it was solid. But it seemed to be, given the way the lights moved together, as though they were all attached to one craft. The red lights were always located toward the six o’clock position (aft) of the craft whenever it moved in a direction. The craft hovered for several moments, then began moving in patterns, stopping into a hover again at different positions around the event. This was almost as if it was checking out the event. This craft was not a part of the event. It did not cast any light onto the event, nor did it remain in the area for very long. I also feel that it may have been too far back for any decent photography, should that have been a purpose for its presence.
The craft was able to change direction, speed, and altitude as smoothly as moving a mouse on a computer screen. That is to say that it did not appear to be affected by gravity or wind resistance in any observable way. There was also no observable pitch, roll or yaw when the craft changed directions, as would be the case with any conventional aircraft. It appeared to be about 1000-1500 feet above the ground. Although, this would be hard to say for certain. At the range it appeared to be, and given it’s size that I would estimate to be comparable to a P-3 Orion, there should have been no way that this aircraft could cover so much ground, so quickly as it did, and so smoothly, without any pitch, roll, yaw, or decelerations to turn.
The object came in and out of sight for several minutes before I observed it vanish for good. I don’t know any aircraft capable of what I saw, and neither does my friend. The light formations don’t match up with any aircraft I am aware of either. The first ting I thought was, “maybe it’s a drone”. But this could not be the case, in my opinion. I am no drone expert, however, this craft seemed to be much larger, and much faster than any drone that I have observed. I have a friend that flies drones, and after observing my limited footage, my friend agreed, that it seemed to be faster than any drone he knows of.
I observed a fixed-wing aircraft in the skies immediately following the event. I could not be certain what type it was, or what its purpose was, given how far away it was. I knew that it was a plane because it had a steady green light on one wing, a steady red on the other, and a flashing red light on the nose.

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