UFO Sighting in Lancaster, California on January 31st 2015 – mutiple glowing orange orbs in sky triangular formation approx. 10 or more slowly disappeared individually

on my driveway getting in my truck with girlfriend
they were a group of orange lights low in the sky in a triagular formation not blinking or moving just hovering
a group of ufo objects in the sky for sure
there were many orange glowing oval shaped objects low in the sky in a triangular formation slowly moving in a sideways direction one by one they slowly faded out of sight in the same location they where hovering
we noticed two distinct groups of lights but they all disappeared one by one in about 2 mins after first one disappeared
in awe but excited ran to tell 3 other friends in house and totally blown away neither of us had ever seen anything like it before amazed and happy.
after sighting the objects we felt astonished! couldnt stop thinking about it!
the objects {10 ] slowly disappeared or faded out one by one right before our eyes

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