UFO Sighting in Notus, Idaho on August 1st 2013 – Truck size object appearing frim hyper jump emitting chaffes then vanishing 100' up. TBC.

Me and a friend were in Notus, ID for 3 days camping at an abandoned old house Cleaning it out as a job for a friend’s mom. That night Around 10p.m.our relief had just arrived so we could go home and shower and get good sleep.. Following up to this night we had been observing lights in the sky, Apparently that Area is a hotspot. Anyways as we were talking to them out of NOWHERE about 100 feet up or so my friend and I see a truck sized ship pop out of hyperspace or something, emits this loud sound, sends out chaffes like a jet would, then pulsates, blue, white, i think yellow, then vanishes! I wait to say anything then my friend turns to me like whoa did you see that?! The woman, our relief, do not believe us and end you staying. I set up their generator and leave. That night as I’m going to sleep i feel some thing jump on the bed and walk up, my mind telling me its the cat but i feel otherwise. Next thing i know i feel this tapping on my chest a bunch of times and i shoot out of bed, fighting off sleep paralysis chasing something, i instantly have a bad feeling something Is wrong with our relief, a gift i have, and run to the door to open it to them walking in scared to death. They tell me the generator kept shutting off like the power was getting sucked out of it, same with their phones. And as they were sitting in the dark something big walked up to the car. We go back next day, and i instinctively walk up to the hill to look down into the corn field by the house… Sure enough i notice a truck sized imprint in the corn. I race down and incredibly find three toed imprints… In the mud… Leading straight to my camp sight 20 yards Away.. All different sizes… Like maybe adults.. And a bunch of little ones… I don’t know if we evaded their midnight snack or i missed my chance by the pladiens and a job… Ha.. But it was sure a crazy two days. In my search for other clues i did notice under MY sleeping area 6 3-6 inch round holes evenly spaced dug straight down i don’t know how far… Ive been meaning to go back and dig, so i guess I’ll let ys know. I guess ill dig where they landed, who knows i might find some bronze and gold crop circle pprints lol. Oh, and the cat wasn’t in the house that night.

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