Idea to use 'Crowd Funding' to sponsor a study of the UFO phenomenon.

Ok, so if you look into the UFO phenomenon.., you will probably come to the conclusion that at the very least.., something odd is going on.
Albeit a whole bunch of people are experiencing an unknown type of temporary hallucinogenic effect.., or even that there may be some mental problem amongst people worldwide to either lie.., or “want” to see aliens.

Regardless of which theory you support.., it seems as though its gotta be at least one of the many theories people have. One thing we can all agree on is that the only way to get a final answer.., is for a proper study to be conducted by various scientific professionals.

However I’m sure we all have jobs to keep, and other daily responsibilities that prevent us from organising such an in depth study. And we may lack the skills needed to undergo a proper investigation for this specific problem.
This has most likely been the problem for most UFO enthusiasts.

Has anyone ever heard of crowd funding?

It really works.
What if a whole bunch of people like you and me were interested in donating some money to be handed out as research grants for these types of problems, that scientists seemingly disregard as being worthy of study.
Funding seems to be the biggest problem preventing scientists from studying certain phenomenon. If an investor cannot make a reasonable return, the study is ignored. We are not concerned with monetary gain.., we would profit from the knowledge.

I know I’d donate at least $10 and skip ONE McDonalds meal per year. How many others on this site alone, would do the same?
That’s a good indication of potential, if the request went global.

But what does everyone else think?

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