UFO Sighting in Dixon, California on March 1st 2010 – spot light my vehicle then kept moving at inciedble speeds

I was leaving a friends house around 3 am to go home and which seemed light a spot light hit hit my vehicle. I pulled over cause I thought it was a police officer or something then the light disapeered. I got out of my truck and saw which looked to be a large cylinder shaped object.it kept pointing very light beams of light I field with livestock.the object would then hover low off the ground then move at a incredbe amount of speed to a different area.I was so scared and shocked what I was seeing. I almost felt like I was paralized.I know 100% that it was not a man made craft cause I see jets and c5 air crafts all of the time because I live right by travis air force base. At the time I was 19 but this is the third unidentified flying object I have seen in the area.the first one I saw I was 5 years old in my back yard at my previous resident. The night in 2010 has haunted me every since and my friend who lives in Dixon told me yesterday he saw something very similar and he wants to remain anonymous. But lately I have been having dreams every night about what happened.and the thing that scares me the most is when I saw the craft I felt like I was paralized. I wanted to get out of there but for some reason I watched the whole thing. And I know this maybe going overboard but there is no way that we have the technology to have a craft do the movements it was doing. This has just scared me for life and the dreams I keep having I can’t sleep anymore. I’m just lost and the two other crafts I saw were basicly in the same area .it has effected my whole life and it’ll stay with me forever.

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