UFO Sighting in Ocean Shores, Washington on June 14th 2001 – very large chevron shaped aircraft, going extremely slow, had circular lights and domes on bottom of craft (21 or so lights)

Me and my sister were home alone, she was downstairs, while I was upstairs on the main floor watching a movie. Sort of slowly a rumble sort of crept up and kept getting more and more intense. It got to the point where cups, dishes, and nick-knacks were rattling extremely to the point where I picked up a few and tried to find a good place to stand as I thought it was an earthquake.

My sister ran up the stairs and we stood in the middle of the living room staring out our massive bay windows as by that time we realized something was moving over the house and it was extremely close! Probably less than twenty or so feet above us. It moved slowly past us and we saw it in extreme detail. Our home was the highest point in our small town, so we really had the best view of it. I had about 10 minutes from the start of the occurrence to the time I could not see it anymore.

The round lights on the bottom of the craft had orange (possibly red) lights along the outer edge of each circular light and a white light in the center of each. Occasionally these lights would dim out (sort of pulsating) and you could still see the orange/red lights and they never went off. The craft moved extremely slowly as it went past our home and me and my sister both witnessed it in its entirety. She went downstairs to get a different look at it as it lazily passed (we had sunroofs down there and more bay windows).

The craft was incredibly loud, to the point where we were both having to sort of yell at one another from close proximity. The craft was HUGE, from end to end it had to be over a football field in width and length. I have walked through 747’s and other large aircraft before. This dwarfed anything I have ever seen. It had details like box shaped outlines of equipment all over the bottom of the aircraft (although my sister had a better view of that from the sunroof), however it was still clear as day. I could make out a small dome-ish structure on the bottom side of the craft between each circle light and a larger dome where on the underside at the very center of the craft. It was visibly much more dark around the center of the aircraft, around the larger dome. Each dome looked like it was made of black glass of some kind.

It was very sleek and if it had been another 30 to 40 feet higher I wouldn’t have been able to make out the domes as they were not very steep in angle. This craft set off multiple car alarms of neighbors up and down the street due to the rumbling and loud noise. I would equate the noise to standing right next to a jet while it was taking off. However,this thing was traveling so slowly it looked like it was just casually floating on by. Its speed was ridiculously slow and I had a good long look as it passed us by. There was no exhaust of any kind from the large ship.

My cats were so startled from it, they ran upstairs and hid under the bed. It flew in a straight line, slightly ascending (however, it’s hard to gauge ascension as something is flying directly away). It remained low as it passed over all the other houses and trees. It finally disappeared over off in the distance and I could still hear it’s hum after I lost sight of it. When my dad came home from his outing to the grocery store me and my sister told him what we saw, he said he saw something on his way home, but he didn’t feel any rumbling or anything.

I thought it was strange as there were no emissions coming from it. Me and my sister concluded that it was some sort of military UFO and never really talked about it again, but I think we told ourselves that more for peace of mind then anything else. I don’t know what it was and so on that account it is a UFO, however, terrestrial or extraterrestrial is still undetermined. But, based upon my familiarity with known planes and aircraft in the years since then, I know there is nothing that big flying around right now. I’ve walked right under the wings of some of the largest planes and each V-wing of that craft I saw was something on the scale of four to five times bigger than the biggest craft I know of. I honestly to this day just can’t account for something like that in the skies. At that slow of a speed I would expect something to just fall right out of the sky.

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