Black Triangle Sighting in Zurich, Zurich on April 10th 2011 – Big Flash, fast disapearing from Ufo,and Zürich had no electricity for about 3 min. Brownouts are not possible in switzerland, not for 3 min!

I was at Home on my Balcony it was 3 something am and was smoking a Cigarette bevore turn to Bed. Between the Skyscrapers i saw a bright Light right above the Hill. First i thougt it could be Anything and i didnt care… So i smoked another One and looked out for some chicks or Something, and then i felt like the Light is ascending because now i could see another one coming behind the Roof (in front of me). And when i saw the third Light, i also begun to recognize the shape because it was a lil darker then the Clouds.Suddenly a big Flash scared me and it took off sooooooo fast into the Clouds thats why i could see a triangular Shape. While it took off, all the Streetlights and Lights in the Buildings and Around went off one after another ( is a scarry Sound).Everything was Dark and i thougt (F*%&ing……Aliens are Attacking us…?!!!?) Then a Car drove down the Street, the only Light i could see. Then i heard my Heart pumping again… and very fast.Ididnt want to move cause maybe i was lilbit shocked! After 1-2 minutes all the Power and the Lights came back. And the feeling of Safety crumbles back…
At the next day i asked some Friends who went clubbing that Evening, and they said, yeah the Power went off for 5 min….. So i was Sure that i wasnt dreaming!

But Z��rich and all over Switzerland we have a very great Powe,rsystem.
And if somewhere the Power goes down, it takes till 10 seconds maximum, to run Power again. But mostly it doesent even take a second.

So 3 min Blackout in the whole City, bright big Flash and a Big Structure with 3 lights, wich took of like a punch of Bruce Lee.

Someone made a Video of this Craft or Lights at Youtube: ufo z��rich

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