UFO Sighting in Cascais, Lisbon on February 2nd 2015 – Bright light above de ocean without moving

We ( 2 people inside the car ) were driving and the ocean was in our left side, I saw a big and bright light in the sky, but it wasn��t very high..I didn��t pay too much attention. We stopped the car and now the ocean was in our front and the light we could see, it was big and very intense and it wasn��t moving. Just there, still. I first thought it could be a star but it was bigger then the stars I normally see at night in the sky.
We kept looking at the light and it started to move but as in a slow motion, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, but always at the same altitude. And what surprised us was the fact that altitude was very low. At this time we were like yeahhhh and we were asking to each other ” what is this again for real? ” ( because it was not the first time we saw strange lights in a very short period of time and moving and taking directions very different as planes or helicopters)
It stood there during 30 minutes +/-, to start moving to East direction but in a very low altitude a very slowly. It drove way always to the EAST ��till we loose sight of it.

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