UFO Sighting in Wilmington, North Carolina on October 20th 2014 – I witnessed seven orbs in my backyard . just two days before I saw the same objects at work

I just came home from work no more then ten minutes. I let the dog out in the backyard and played with her. While she was doing her thing and just going crazy. I crossed my arms and looked towards the stars and said to myself “did that really happen the other night? What were they and where did they go.” as soon as I said that one came flying right over the trees right in front of me. Then theirs another one right behind the first one! I’m freaking out a bit. I said out loud “is this really them” and then one turns off. The only way I can explain how they looked. Is like a ember in the fire. It was glowing bright pumpkin orange and when it turned off it looked like a ember in fire. It had a heating element of some sorts. I rushed in to the house and grabbed my roommate of the couch. As I was as running in with pickle by my side(my girlfriends dog) I looked back and saw three more orbs right behind the first two before I ran in the backdoor. I rushed in to the house and grabbed my buddy. We made to the backyard in time to catch the last two flying over us. I look at Mcvay and said “what the hell is that?” and as soon as we said something the last one turned off. I could still see the object flying in the night sky. You can see it was some type of metal orb. It was the size of mini van and we watched it fly off right over Bradley creek. These were the exact same objects In saw two day before. Did they follow me? Are the always around? Why did they appear when I questioned their existence?

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