Black Triangle Sighting in Inwood, West Virginia on February 3rd 2015 – t was a solid looking triangle it barley made a sound and it was really big. Went slow and fast and kept hovering and flying in the same circle low to ground and around a big population!

I first noticed the object in the sky as I was driving to Food Lion and Inwood West Virginia at that time to me I thought it might have been a plane but then I looked at my brother that was with me and said oh my gosh why is a plane to love that’s a big plane to be flying that low by the time I made it to the Food Lion in Inwood we had been noticed that it was actually a triangle shaped and had four lights all together but on the edge of what I believe is the front of the object had a huge strip of bright white light the other lights there was one red light that seem to have blinked and the other ones just kind of stayed on. it barely made a sound it made a humming sound but for an object that big you would think it would be really loud! it was flying low in a circle pattern around and around in the same circle and it was there for at least 35 minutes and then it was just gone

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