UFO Sighting in Florida on March 2nd 2000 – Several of my friends and I saw a fireball hovering over Dover and something came out of it and flew overhead. Time stopped had other sightings also

I was at my cousins house in sefner Florida we were having a party.I don’t recall who actually spotted it first: but a small light began growing larger. Then it stopped at about half the size of a noontime sun in the sky. It was a red orange color. Then a dark spot in the center appeared and came toward us. It grew larger and more clear as it came closer. It was smaller then the space shuttle; but similar shape. It had strange markings like shapes triangles and circles mostly. It flew very slowly overhead I remember thinking that I could have thrown a rock and hit it. Everyone seemed to be frozen as if we were unable to move. But never took her eyes off of the object.we watched it go over slowly then disappear in the easterly direction after it disappeared we turned to look at the fireball and it had vanished.The weirdest part is that no one who witnessed it will admit to it not even to me. They all ignore what they saw! This is not the first time I have seen a fireball. I have seen a fireball on two other occasions.The first time was with a farmer I worked for when I was 16. The next time was a few years before the one I just described in the beginning.but this was the first time I ever saw anything come out of the fireball.when we went back inside the house we were all amazed at how long we had been out there.several people asked that were not outside where we had been; but none of us had a response.since this time I have had an odd feeling that I will not only see it again but everyone will witness it.The object that came out of the fireball made no sound and the fireball itself made no sound either. I had heard that other people had witnessed a similar account of the fireball but I have not heard about anyone seeing the object that came out of it.I have given this a lot of thought over the years and often thought perhaps the object was something made by our military because of the shape of the ship that came out of the fireball. I do not know for sure what it was but I don’t Believe it is from this world.I would like to have met the beings inside; but that did not happen at least not to my memory. The strangest thing is no one thought to take a picture and no one spoke or even maybe sound as the object went past us.I hope to be contacted by MUFON so they can shed some light on what I observed.

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