UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on May 25th 2011 – Witnessed a cluster of black hexagonal saucers orbiting around a purple light.

It happened on May 25, 2011 at around 6:50 PM. One of my roommates and I were sitting out in the backyard talking while I was having a cig.

[Our house was located on E 13th Street between Rosemont and Swan. Our backyard faced north over Tucson towards the Catalina Foothills and Mt. Kimball.]

As I was sitting there, I noticed a black object coming over the mountains into the valley. It was flying south towards my area of town. My friend and I were still talking as I kept watching it get closer.

Usually when I see a black object in the sky, my first expectation is it’s a military stealth fighter or bomber. Maybe a black helicopter. Not many aircraft are the color this object was and just south of me was Davis-Monthan AFB which it was making a beeline for. It’s not often I get to see one of those planes, so I was hoping it was one of them. It was moving along at about the average speed I see most helicopters fly.

I couldn’t identify it though. The object had no defined shape that I could make out at first. It was like a morphing shape-shifting blob of black. The black blob was roughly the size of a rice grain at arms length. It’s altitude I would guess was between 500 – 1,000 feet.

I was now curious as to what this thing was. I decided to run into the house for a pair of binoculars I own, Bushnell 10x50s. I hurried back outside. The object was still in the sky, but further along its flight path now and closer to me. I used my binoculars to zoom in on the object. When I located it, I was at a lost to explain or even begin to understand what I was seeing.

It was a cluster of 6-7 hexagonal shaped saucers all of which were charcoal-black in color. Much like the stealth color. They were spinning on their axis, making a full rotation every few seconds. As well, they were all rotating at about the same speed around this intense purple light at the center of this cluster. The purple was light, almost pink, as opposed to being a dark shade like violet. The light didn’t appear to emanate from any solid object, yet it seemed to be responsible for holding this cluster together.

I was shocked, impressed and a little scared. I’ve seen all kinds of sci-fi alien movies with saucers and UFOs. I have never seen anything even remotely close to what this looked like. I couldn’t imagine what such a thing would be used for. It was really bizarre!

The black saucers were rotating around this purple light much like satellites do around Earth. Of each saucer, one hexagon face always pointed at the light and the other away from it. Like the moon does as it revolves around us. All the while, none of them were colliding into each other despite all of them rotating in every which way.

I couldn’t see anything that resembled a cockpit. I didn’t get the impression that this thing was manned. Simply from the way it flew, I don’t see how a pilot would be feasible.

The entire time, I’m describing what I’m seeing to my roommate. I asked him to take a look at it through the binoculars, but he declined. He had showed no interest in seeing it or hearing about it.

I had my smart phone on me and decided to take a picture of it before it was gone. It doesn’t take very good images so I didn’t mess with it upon first realizing this is a UFO. My phone was an LG Optimus S. The camera is 3.2 Megapixel. My zoom was set at 4 mm.

I only took one picture of it, more or less to have a date and time stamp of the sighting and show the black spot at least. It was taken at 6:53 PM and shows the eastern sky from the backyard. The UFO was passing over E Broadway Blvd at this point somewhere between Craycroft and Wilmot Rd. It was still heading towards DMAFB. From me, the UFO was about 2 miles away at it’s closest. I never heard any sound. Most jets I would hear this close.

I continued watching it through my binoculars. I moved to the front yard when the UFO became impossible to see because of the roof blocking my line of sight. I eventually lost visual of it to the south of me. It was around E 22nd St by then. I presume it had to be flying into military airspace at some point.

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