UFO Sighting in Belleville, Michigan on June 1st 1983 – I was around 24yrs. old at the time driving home from work. Either early AM or late at night…dark outside. Hovering above apartment complex.

I was driving home from work. Not sure if I was working the midnight shift or afternoon shift because I can’t remember what year it was…..either 1983, 1984, or 1985. I was about 24 at the time. It was dark outside. I lived in a mobile home park and as I was driving, I had to pass an apartment complex to my right. This huge/massive UFO was hovering above the apartments and trees. All I could see was the underside of it. I just hung on to the steering wheel and kept staring at it in awe. I wish I would have looked at it in more detail, but I was in shock. It happened so fast and dissapeared so quickly. I remember calling my mother and telling her about it, but I don’t know why I didn’t call the police station. I’ve always wondered if anyone else had seen it and called on it. It was so low and hovering right over the apartments, someone had to of seen something. I’ve also always wondered if I had lost any time or not because I can’t imagine calling my mother that late or early about it. She just made fun of me and shrugged it off. To this day, I’ve always told people what I had seen. I believe in UFO’s and find it very interesting. I’d really like to one day get hypnotized to see if I could remember more about it.

I had to submit a date in order for this to be submitted, but I really can’t remeber a month or exact year.

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