UFO Sighting in New York, New York on February 4th 2015 – I woke in in my bed hearing a sound and saw an entity standing nearby.

I was asleep in my bed and i awoke to a weird buzzing sound. And i turned and looked and saw some kind of creature about 5ft 3 inches standing silently in my bathroom doorway staring down at me. He wore a blueish spacesuit of some kind and had black boots on up to his knees. The outfit covered the whole body except its neck and face which was horrible looking and very strange, he had a sad look on his face and it appeared like its skin was very wrinked or had a melted like appearance. At that point i yelled in terror scared for my life and tried to get away for some reason i couldnt move then i immediately passed out which id never do if im facing something like that ugly spaceman in my house. I think it knocked me out somehow even though he just stood still and didnt move towards me. I woke up about five hours later and it was gone. And i wasnt sure about reporting this but i thought after two days went by that maybe someone has seen this creature before. I pray i never see it ever again. I found a weird lump on my back around the shoulder blade that was never there before. And i have a weird pain in my shoulder now. It terrible these aliens can come in your home unannounced and late at night. That scares me alot. I havent slept since it occured, i now have a bat next to my bed and will sleep with one eye open. Im not a good artist but im going to try and draw it ill never forget that ugly face. I also remember seeing a bright white glowing orb float past my bathroom window three days before this incident happened. I thought the orb was strange and didnt pay it any more mind. It was the size of a baseball and was very luminescent. Light came off it like a tail and floated very much like a ghost and was silent. Maybe thats how they find people. Im no expert just a wild guess.

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