Alleged UFO video purportedly documents ET contact in Florida

A group attempting to contact extraterrestrials using “coherent thought and meditation practices” has captured dramatic lights over the ocean on video (seen above). They believe the event was extraterrestrial contact, other UFO researchers believe the objects are merely flares.

According to the video’s description, the sighting took place at Vero Beach in Florida on January 27, 2015 between 9:10 and 9:15 pm. In the video, you can see several people are present when a bright orange light appears below the clouds offshore. Soon after, a second object can be seen. After a few minutes, the lights fade out.

Closeu-up of lights caught on video by CSETI in Florida. (Credit: CSETI)

Close-up of lights caught on video by CSETI in Florida. (Credit: CSETI)

The group had several cameras ready to film any UFOs they may spot. In fact, the group believes they can call in extraterrestrial spacecraft using what they call the CE-5 Protocol.

The alien spotting event was held by the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), which was founded by Dr. Steven Greer, a retired medical doctor. They hold what they call “Ambassador Training” several times a year throughout the country. As the website describes, at these events “Dr. Greer will provide in-depth training  in meditation and Remote Viewing and explain how the Science of Consciousness and ET communication, travel and even manufacturing are connected.”

The training lasts a week and costs $2500. This may or may not include the price of the hotel rooms for the week.

In the video, once the UFOs are spotted, you can hear the excitement in the participants’ voices. Greer tells everyone to thank the aliens for coming. It is assumed that he means by sending them thoughts. He then instructs the group to “Open your heart chakra and send them the beauty of humanity.”

“You connect with your palms out, like this, with your third eye and your heart making like a tetrahedron radiating our pureness and love towards them, ” Greer continued.

Although the lights in the video are dramatic, the UFO researchers I contacted for analysis of the video felt that the lights were obviously flares.

Marc Dantonio, the chief photo analyst for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said this:

“The facts are this. You see one appear in another way they appear is from right to left. The way they go out is from right to left as expected, with the first one to light up being the first one to go out. Not only that but you can actually see as you scrub through the video that they drift to the right and sink lower in the sky. It is at that point where the first flare that lit up then goes out as expected. This is absolutely consistent with aerial parachute flares.”

A screenshot from the CSETI video. Ricky Butterfass can be seen on the far right. (Credit: CSETI)

A screenshot from the CSETI video. Ricky Butterfass can be seen on the far right. (Credit: CSETI)

I also contacted Bruce Maccabee, an optical physicist who used to work for the U.S. Navy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Virginia. He also was of the opinion that the lights in the video are flares.

Ricky Butterfass, a long time CSETI member who was there to witness the UFOs in Florida first hand says he disagrees.  He argues that the winds were high. He says, “If the objects were flares they would not have maintained the relative same altitude and tandem position for the time period.”

“There was not any smoke observed or parachutes.  We have seen flares before doing field work,” says Butterfass. Butterfass also says they did not see any aircraft dropping the flares.

“My CE-5 team buddy is former Navy and was aircraft maintenance on an aircraft carrier during the gulf wars. He did not think they were flares,” says Butterfass.

Furthermore, Butterfass says he and other witnesses saw disk shaped objects several times during their trip. On one occasion one kept pace with their rental car.

Alleged alien caught in picture during a CSETI outing near Joshua Tree, CA in 2009. (Credit: CSETI)

Alleged alien that appeared in a photograph during a CSETI outing near Joshua Tree, CA in 2009. (Credit: CSETI)

Butterfass says this isn’t the first time they made contact. “We also know the ET race that operate these type craft.  We call them Arcturans and they have confirmed that assumption.  Although other ET races work with them on board some of these and larger craft,” says Butterfass.

Greer has posted on their website a photo of what he believes to be an extraterrestrial that visited one of their training sessions in the area of Joshua Tree, California in November of 2009.

Butterfass says they have had several visitations by extraterrestrials while they are in their meditation circle. However, humans cannot see them.  He says they sometimes can see the aliens’ auras, but mostly have to communicate with them using their “field electronics.”

As for the Vero Beach video, most of the UFO researchers I have contacted agree that it is definitely flares that CSETI caught on video. I contacted the Coast Guard who said they did not have any operations in the area involving flares. I also reached out to the Navy who said they would get back to me, but as of the posting of this story, I have not heard anything from them. The Florida MUFON chapter says their investigation is ongoing, and they will release their conclusions when their investigation is complete.

Here is a video of some military flares I filmed in Arizona for comparison…

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