Black Triangle Sighting in Spartanburg, South Carolina on February 6th 2015 – Two objects about two football fields apart

Myself and my fiancee witnessed two triangle objects in the sky about 8:40pm the lower end of the triangles had bright blue points while the top end had bright pink lights. One would blink on and off and the other would answer with its own series of blinks. Neither of us had had any drinks, and were surprised by what we saw. We drove to a store, and after parking could still see them clearly. When coming back out into the parking lot; both objects were gone. There were no stars in their place, it was just a regular clear night. I will add that when we first saw them, there was also a plane in the air much higher then the objects themselves. Our phones were not working well, and my laptop wasn’t receiving any signal. Neither of which has ever happened before. When I looked at them the hair on the back of my neck raised (I don’t know what that might mean to you) I didn’t feel afraid, but I felt that there might have been an energy in the air that we as humans might not understand. We tried to take a picture, but our phones just wouldn’t work. Every time we pointed them towards the objects our phones would just show static.

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